Company Profile

            Founded in 2000, Tailai Antique Furniture has been experiencing a fast development, gaining a leading position in the market. It has been devoting itself to antique Chinese furniture and Chinese culture, and it aims at enhancing the decorative and practical function of antique Chinese furniture. 
            In order to preserve the original condition and appearance of antique Chinese furniture, Tailai Antique Furniture employs mortise and tenon structure in the repair of all furniture, uses paint to maintain its primitive simplicity, and removes the stains developed during the process of use. Special attention is paid to the preservation of the original color of such furniture so as to restore its original brightness and gracefulness. All of the materials, which are natural tree lacquer, and the craft selected in repair conform to the standard of traditional handicraft art. Finally, a coating of clear lacquer is applied on the surface. All processes are completed by hand, which entitles antique Chinese furniture to the connotations and features of Chinese culture, and demonstrates Tailai Antique Furnitures constant pursuing of top quality. In order to meet the requirements of its customers and the market development, Tailai Antique Furniture has set up its International Shipping Department since 2005, symbolizing the formation of its complete diversified industry chain system.
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